Horseback Riding

Daytime Rides

There are no age groupings other than Family, Children, or Adults. Tres Molinos offers a fun horse riding opportunity based on rider’s comfort level. We have experience and comfort level groupings. Safety precautions and briefings are conducted prior to departure. Western Hats and Bandanas with Tres Molinos Photographer can be pre-arranged for photo shoot prior to ride departure. (Yes…you can borrow our western attire while supplies last, for photo shoots)

GUESTS:  Closed toe shoes required. You’ll find shorts are not comfortable riding attire. Use sunscreen as needed.

Children Rides

Level #0 OMG Giddy Up Ride

Little Tykes or Overly Wary riders can experience horseback rides separately with pre-arranged on the grounds help “leading” and/or in the arena.

Level #1 Frontier Ride

Trail Guide and riders enjoy exploring Tres Molinos old frontier trails while riding a steady mount at a comfortable walk. Mixed terrain including hard and soft ground, some rock, grassland, circling trees/ brush, out buildings.

Level #2 Ambush Hill Ride

Trail Guide and riders have an exciting Tres Molinos experience watching over the next hill for an ambush party, wild animals, ranch livestock. Don’t worry…the Trail Guide has handled at least one ambush successfully. Tres Molinos wranglers have determined, if someone approaches wearing a Bandana over their face, they’re likely up to no good. This ride is also mixed terrain with added hillside and valley for your enjoyment.

Adult Rides

At Tres Molinos we allow adult riders to declare their riding experience level. Our Guide will ride out with you and our horse OR you can pre-arrange with headquarters to bring your own horse(s) and hire our Guide to go along OR you can just take a map and enjoy your horse and the solitude. Mixed terrain. Not recommended for barefoot horses.

Following are categories of riders we encounter at the ranch. Declare your level.

Level #4 Ride Like the Wind
Well, hombre, you’re on your own. We’ll give you the “talk”, the “warning”, the advice to bring’r down to a gentle breeze. But if you end up in one place and your hoss’ ends up in another…. We’re going to take Tres Molinos stock back to the stables for a rest and you can hoof it back to headquarters of your own accord.

Level #3 Experienced
Experienced doesn’t just mean that you’ve ridden a horse before. Experienced means that you have ridden many horses on many occasions and/or have a good understanding of safety on horseback, useful understanding of bits/reins, neck rein, leg rein, horses’ condition, navigating different terrains, avoiding certain terrains horseback, and are comfortably balanced horseback. With a Trail Guide’s permission, an experienced rider may trot or lope in certain specified areas. A Trail Guide may require a demonstration of rider’s abilities/knowledge-base beforehand. (Equestrian GROUPS/CLUBS are subject to that group’s specific event rules/regulations)

Level #2 Intermediate
Intermediate means some independent riding experience with basic knowledge of reins, go/woah, mounting, dismounting. Must be accompanied by Trail Guide.

Level #1 Beginner 
Beginner means very little to no riding experience and no basic knowledge of reins, go/woah, mounting, dismounting. Trail Guide will give basic instructions/ demonstration and will ask you to demonstrate your abilities prior to departing on ranch ride. Should you prefer a “lesson/class” in the arena instead of a ranch ride, we can certainly accommodate pre-arranged requests.

Nighttime/Starlight Rides

We can accommodate adult night rides upon request. We will plan the trail/ terrain according to your stated level of ability. You may bring your horse or use ours.

Horseback Riding $75 per person – 3-hour ride. (Tres Molinos provides the horse & tack)

Bring your own horse & tack – Day Pass $45 per person (Wrangler not included) Requires Coggins for horse(s) at check-in.